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Who We Are.

We are specialists in supplying comprehensive, cutting-edge, and world-class outsource IT solutions to corporate organizations and educational institutions.

At ExpertEase Technologies, we specialize and excel in working with corporations of all sizes to supply IT equipment (including modern servers), design and install LANs and WANs, and provide 24/7 tech support. We create and deliver robust tailored IT offerings that form top quality solutions, at world-class standards.

We also provide Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Security Operations Centre (SOC) services.

What We Do.

Networking, Tech Supply & Equipment Repair

We supply IT equipment and software for all sectors of the market. We install and configure LANs and WANs and also provide system maintenance services to ensure that your system works perfectly, without any downtime or disruptions to the functioning of your organization. We also monitor your systems and provide 24/7 technical support services through which we respond to issues as soon as a report is submitted, and we can repair or replace equipment with utmost urgency.

SOC Service: Cyber-Security Service & Intrusion Threat Detection

The SOC service involves us providing technical processes and technologies for maintaining situational awareness of network integrity by continuously monitoring and detecting, containing, and fixing any threats to clients’ IT systems. We manage IT incidents that threaten institutions’ system integrity and ensure that all risks are identified as soon as they manifest, and sometimes before they do. We follow this by analyzing any data that is collected from the threat, communicate it with clients, investigate and report; as well as apply patches to mitigate future attack attempts. Through our SOC service, we also monitor systems and applications for possible cyber-attack or intrusion events.  We then determine if findings are indicating genuine malicious threats and if any threats could affect business.

NOC Service: System Performance & Availability

Through our NOC service, we focus on issues that can potentially compromise the availability and performance of clients’ computer systems and networks. By providing NOC services, we take charge of managing incidents, meeting service-level agreements, and reducing system downtime while maintaining and improving the performance and availability of your system. We essentially keep your whole system running at top performance levels and your technology and equipment operating at peak performance.


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