Do Teachers in Your School Lack ICT Skills?

Most teachers in SADC region schools may not have had access to ICT during their time in school. The universities and tertiary colleges where they trained may also have not provided training in using ICT either. This leaves the majority of teachers in the region’s schools lacking skills in using ICT, which may cause them to avoid using ICT equipment that may be provided to schools with no support, by other supplies.

Teachers may also feel ashamed of colleagues and/or students knowing about their incompetence in using ICT for anything else, let alone, teaching. They may also experience psychological distress as a result of being expected to use ICT in teaching when they have no idea how it is done. In all this though, the quality of teaching to students suffers, with no prospect for resolution.

At ExpertEase Technologies, we understand this situation fully well. We know that it is not the fault of the teachers when this happens. This is why at our client schools, we train teachers for European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) skills. This ensures that every teacher in our client schools accesses top quality training in using ICT equipment for teaching their respective subject. This way, tech-led teaching potential is boosted, and the successful implementation of our ICT solution is maximised.

ExpertEase Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The ExpertEase teacher ICT training programme forms part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy for developing the society in the SADC region. Through this strategy, we ensure that if others fail to contribute anything to improve the prospects for future SADC generations gaining enough skills for competing on the global market, ExpertEase Technologies will at least DO SOMETHING meaningful!

As long as teachers are poorly trained in ICT skills, tech-led education will not happen meaningfully in SADC schools. Unfortunately too, it may take decades for colleges and universities to plan and implement any corrective programmes for training their alumni (who are the current teachers) in ICT skill development. By the time this may finally happen, hundreds of thousands of children will have regrettably passed through the education system with no meaningful access to ‘ICT for learning’. That is why ExpertEase Technologies provides a solution that has the following services at the core:

  • Classroom-based evaluation of tech-led teaching – We conduct periodic evaluations of the competencies of teachers in using ICT for teaching. Any deficiencies identified will trigger support provision for the concerned teacher.

  • Mandatory annual ICT skills refresher courses – Technology advances rapidly, which can lead to ICT skills becoming obsolete in very short spaces of time. We, therefore, provide mandatory skills refresher courses in ICT and tech-led teaching to teachers. This keeps their skills current and in line with emerging trends.

  • Every classroom equipped with ICT hardware – Each classroom, regardless of the subject being taught, will have and use ICT equipment. No academic subject is excluded from this setup.

  • ICT Training for All Teachers – We train teachers at client schools in the internationally recognised European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) course. This way, all teachers who use our system and solution will possess adequate relevant skills and know-how for their role and for operating ICT equipment correctly.

ICT Abandonment & Opportunity Limitation for SADC school children.

When ICT equipment is provided to be used by teachers who lack ICT skills, it sometimes gets avoided and kept hidden away until it becomes obsolete. When this happens, students will be unfairly robbed of the vital but rare opportunity of benefitting from tech-led teaching and learning. Nevertheless, some schools attempt to mitigate this problem by employing one or two ICT competent teachers to teach computer skills across their student population in the school. Although this seems like a satisfactory approach, it merely is just a starting point that is regrettably very inadequate for use with any robust ICT solution such as what we offer through ExpertEase eLearning.

Our solution to ICT implementation is holistic and long-term in nature. Thus, it requires all teachers in our client schools to be properly trained in using ICT for teaching. This is only but a small fraction of what makes us the best in our role, and unrivaled market leaders.

We care about children and the education system in the SADC economic region. This is why our strategy is to bring meaning access to ICT to SADC schools. We do so with the utmost ensuring of safety for children and teachers too. Our genuine pursuit in improving ICT-led education in the SADC region is what makes us different from other suppliers.