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Systems Support Technicians On 24/7/365 Standby For Your ICT Setup?

Computer hardware components, software programs, and the network can develop problems and malfunction anytime, without warning. This can happen at critical times when schools least expect it. These problems are costly and resource-intensive to manage and rectify. They form the main reason why the ICT systems of many schools decline into abandonment. It is often better therefore, for schools to avoid stress by abandoning using perpetually fault-ridden ICT hardware in favour of tried and tested traditional teaching models. This is part of why ICT equipment often lies idle and unused in many SADC region schools that would have received computer donations in the past.

At ExpertEase Technologies, the solving of faults in your hardware, software, and the network is just a phone call away. Our system monitors all hardware, software, and the network in real-time. Any faults are identified immediately and red-flag alerts are sent to technicians whose sole role is to respond instantaneously to solve problems.

When problems are reported to them, ExpertEase computer technicians will instantly log on to the system remotely and solve any software and network problems. This way, a problem can be responded to and be solved within as little as ten minutes. This way again, our ICT solution is supported well enough to match a network support setup comprising a resident technician in a local lab, solely tasked with solving problems immediately.

How You Benefit.

At ExpertEase Technologies, our technicians support client school ICT systems comprehensively enough to maximise benefits in the following ways:

  • Routine maintenance that flags up potential problems – ExpertEase Technologies’ system support technicians carry out routine maintenance and diagnostic check-ups of all aspects comprising the ICT solution. That way, hardware, software, and network health are checked thoroughly as per designated schedules, even if no problems would have been reported or detected. Thus, when using the ExpertEase ICT solution, situations that potentially cause problems in the future are detected and rectified in advance through routine maintenance diagnostics by highly qualified dedicated 24/7/365 systems support technicians.

  • Remote technical support – ExpertEase systems support technicians can remotely access all computers on the network, including servers to detect problems. They can then control the computers remotely to correct any identified issues. This feature eliminates downtime that occurs with other ICT companies when technicians waste time travelling to network sites to attend to problems that may sometimes be minor.

  • Real-time Hardware & Software, and Network health Reports – The diagnostics and maintenance of schools’ ICT systems also depends heavily on system health data that is collected automatically by the system on an on-going basis. These reports will flag up any hardware that may be slowing down in speed, running low on memory or storage space e.t.c. They also flag up software that may be malfunctioning, requiring upgrading or updating, or whose licences may be requiring renewal.

  • Near-Zero Downtime – ExpertEase system support technicians are employed solely for ensuring that the hardware, software and network infrastructure operate smoothly. They do not have any other responsibilities besides these. This means that they are always on standby and ready to act instantaneously to solve problems in the ICT system. Even if they need to drive to the site, they are ready to do so any time of the day without fail. With ExpertEase as your outsource ICT partner, your school will never experience any unwarranted downtime in ICT system functionality.

  • Instant problem-reporting & response – The software that drives the ExpertEase ICT solution tests the hardware, network and software health and speeds continuously. It is, therefore, possible for authorised systems support personnel to remotely access reports of various aspects of the ICT system in its entirety. Also, users can report faults directly to technicians via a dedicated secure channel in the network.

Truth of The Matter is

An ICT solution with no dedicated technicians on standby to support it is not only unreliable and substandard. It also places users at high risk of attack by hackers and criminal intruders.

SADC region schools have highly talented children who deserve to access the safest and best ICT service provision and support. In order to improve or match international standards, ICT deployment in SADC region schools must be revamped with the utmost security measures and genuine world-class solutions. At ExpertEase Technologies, our core aim is to provide SADC schools with an ICT solution that is meaningful and genuinely similar to what top schools in the United Kingdom use.

ExpertEase eLearning supplies you with a fully supported ICT solution that is genuinely modern, world-class standard and relevant, and does not exploit you. By working with us in deploying your school’s ICT solution, you get the best quality ICT solution for the best value possible.